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Mindful Presence and the Food-Mood Connection

Monday, August 19, 2024, 10:00 AM EDT
Monday, August 19, 2024, 1:45 PM EDT

Presenter: Presenter: Elan Javanfard, MA, LMFT , Rus Devorah Wallen, LCSW, CIMHP

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These workshops offer 6 Live Interactive Continuing Education Credits

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Full Day Webinar

August 19th, 2024

10:00 AM - 4:45 PM EST

The cost of one day is $99.99, an individual class is $59.99

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Class 1


10:00AM - 1:00PM EDT

Mindfulness: Not a Dirty Word

Contemporary culture in the United States is marked by extraordinary advances in science and technology, yet coupled with these advances is an increasing sense of pressure, complexity and information overload. Individuals across the lifespan are feeling tremendous stress, which is contributing to a variety of mental and physical health problems and diseases. Mindfulness has its roots in meditation practices and teaches individuals to become increasingly conscious of their thoughts and feelings through observation of bodily sensations. Recently in Western culture, it has gained a dirty reputation as something only useful for young people or hipsters. In this course we review the effects of mindfulness and how to introduce it to a new population, your clients. Participants will be able to describe at least 3 ways mindfulness can be helpful for people living with mental health challenges. Participants will be able to utilize 2 clinical tools to introduce mindfulness to individuals in mental health recovery. Participants will be able to demonstrate at least one mindfulness exercise.


3 Hours

About The Presenter:

Elan Javanfard is a Psychotherapist (LMFT # 87054) who specializes in reintegrating the whole self, by utilizing present-focused methods of discovery and coping. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education & Psychology.


Class 2


1:45PM - 4:45PM EDT

The Food-Mood Connection: Nutritional and Lifestyle Hacks for Mental Health and Wellbeing

In this webinar, participants will gain a basic understanding of the connection between nutrition and lifestyle with mood, cognition, mental health, and overall wellness.  Science has conflicting opinions about what nutrition, supplements, and medications are best for us. Considering that each person is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual individual, it makes no sense to broad-stroke everyone’s needs into one model. In this workshop, we will discuss various phenotypes and possible nutritional needs for their overall well-being.  By discussing the beneficial and adverse effects different foods, substances, and behaviors have on our well-being, we will arrive at a fundamental paradigm for wellness. Then we will survey various mental health conditions and mood disorders and share recommended beneficial foods, drinks, supplements, and lifestyle interventions for these situations. Simple modifications of nutrition, chrono-nutrition (the timing of eating), supplementation, avoidance of toxic chemicals and additives in food and the atmosphere, sleep (circadian rhythm disruption), and more can be hacked for attaining wellness on all levels - mental, physical, and spiritual.

We will discuss the importance of collaborating with our clients’ healthcare professionals, especially if we are not certified or licensed to practice dietary prescriptions in our local jurisdiction. We will touch briefly on the legal and ethical issues regarding guiding our clients in this field. Since this workshop is brief, we will give a general overview of the topics and provide resources for further inquiry.


3 Hours

About The Presenter:

Rus Devorah Wallen, LCSW, ACSW, CIMHP is an accomplished psychotherapist, performer, and educator. Trained in CBT, Mindfulness-Based Therapies, Trauma, Positive Psychology, Perinatal Wellness, and holistic Lifestyle Medicine approaches, she utilizes her rich background to inspire and heal. She has been recently certified with the CIMHP (Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider) with Dr. Leslie Korn. In addition to conducting workshops on a wide variety of Psychology, and self-growth themes, in her private practice, she helps people live more meaningful lives in the 21st Century.

This presentation is open to:
  • Social Workers
  • Professional Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Mental Health Practitioners
  • Medical Doctors and Other Health Professionals
  • Other professionals interacting with populations engaged in mental health based services
Course Level: introductory
Level of Clinician: beginner
  • New practitioners who wish to gain enhanced insight surrounding the topic
  • Experienced practitioners who seek to increase and expand fundamental knowledge surrounding the subject matter
  • Advanced practitioners seeking to review concepts and reinforce practice skills and/or access additional consultation
  • Managers seeking to broaden micro and/or macro perspectives

Participants will receive their certificate electronically upon completion of the webinar and course evaluation form.

Disability Access - If you require ADA accommodations, please contact our office 30 days or more before the event. We cannot ensure accommodations without adequate prior notification. Please Note: Licensing Boards change regulations often, and while we attempt to stay abreast of their most recent changes, if you have questions or concerns about this course meeting your specific board’s approval, we recommend you contact your board directly to obtain a ruling. The grievance policy for trainings provided by the NEFESH INTERNATIONAL is available here Satisfactory Completion Participants must have paid the tuition fee, logged in and out each day, attended the entire workshop, and completed an evaluation to receive a certificate (If this is a pre-recorded program, a post-test with a passing grade of 80% to receive a certificate.) Failure to log in or out will result in forfeiture of credit for the entire course. No exceptions will be made. Partial credit is not available. Certificates are available after satisfactory course completion by clicking here.
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